Write a short note. Addiction - Science and Technology 2

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Answer in Brief

Write a short note.


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  1. Peer-group influence is stronger in the case of adolescents. Adolescents always prefer the company of friends and follow their good or bad habits instead of following advice of parents and teachers, thus leading to various addictions.
  2. Children in their early age try upon tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc. due to either peer-group pressure or symbol of high standard living or as an imitation of elders. However, it may lead to addiction to such deadly substances.
  3. Temporarily intoxicating drugs of plant origin and some chemicals may permanently damage the human nervous system, muscle system, heart, etc.
  4. Persons spending the time with cell phones for several hours are usually unaware of the surrounding. This is also a sort of addiction and leading to endangering of the social health.
Concept: Social Health
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