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Write a short note.




  1. Peer-group influence is stronger in the case of adolescents. Adolescents always prefer the company of friends and follow their good or bad habits instead of following advice of parents and teachers, thus leading to various addictions.
  2. Children in their early age try upon tobacco, cigarette, gutkha, alcoholic drinks, drugs, etc. due to either peer-group pressure or symbol of high standard living or as an imitation of elders. However, it may lead to addiction to such deadly substances.
  3. Temporarily intoxicating drugs of plant origin and some chemicals may permanently damage the human nervous system, muscle system, heart, etc.
  4. Persons spending the time with cell phones for several hours are usually unaware of the surrounding. This is also a sort of addiction and leading to endangering of the social health.
Concept: Social Health
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Chapter 9: Social Health - Write short notes


Write the correct option from the given multiple options to each question.
Maximum effect of alcohol occurs on .. .. .. .. .. .. system.
a) nervous
b) excretory
c) respiratory
d) muscular

Answer the following.
 Which changes occur in persons continuously using internet and mobile phones?

What will you do? Why?

You are spending more time in internet/mobile games, phone, etc.

What will you do? Why?

Your sister has become incommunicative. She prefers to remain alone.

Observe the figure and answer the questions given below.

a) What do these figures indicate?
b) Which gadgets can be misused for these?
c) Give two examples of such events.
d) Name the act amended by Government of Maharashtra to control such events.
e) What care should be taken by a person to avoid such events?

Fill in the boxes with the help of the given due :
Continuous consumption of alcohol and tobacco material ___________

A             O  

Playing games on mobile while eating is right or wrong. Justify.

Alcohol consumption mainly affects the ______________ system.

Our ___________ has been changed to some extent in the age of technology.

Find an odd one out.

Factors disturbing/affecting the social health

Children who watch cartoon films may imitate the characters of those films.

Write the names of two chronic diseases.

Give scientific reason.

Alcoholism is always bad.

What does the next picture show? What will be the effect?

What does the next picture mean?

What are the changes in a person due to constant contact with the internet, mobile, phone?


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