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Write a Letter of Regret. - Secretarial Practice

Answer in Brief

Write a letter of regret.

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When the share issue is oversubscribed, shares may not be allotted to all share applicants. The applicants to whom shares are not allotted are informed about the rejection of their share applications through­ this letter. A refund order is sent in order to return share application money. The letter of allotment and the letter of regret are issued simultaneously. The regret letter need not be preserved. 

Letter of Regret 

Star Industries Ltd.

50/A, Kasarwadi, Pimpri-Pune

Tele No.24371235http://WWW 

Ref: D/34/2012

Mr.C.R.Girase                                          15th May 2012

15/Green Field Apt.,

Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai-72

Sub: Rejection of Share Application


             I am directed by the board of directors to inform you that your share application No. AE224613 for 100 equity share of 710 each has been rejected due to the oversubscription of the share issue. 

Particulars about your application are given below: 

Application No. Refund order No. No.of shares applied  No.of shares allotted Amount received with the application Refund amount 
AE224613 B/3214 100 Nil Rs.250 Rs.250 

We thank you for the interest which you have shown in our company. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the refund order and oblige 

Thanking you,                                 

Yours faithfully,

For star Industries Ltd 




Encl: Refund order. 

Concept: Issue of Share Certificate and Share Warrant
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