Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard
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Write a conversation between: A donkey and a dog - English

Short Note

Write a conversation between:

A donkey and a dog

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Donkey: Hi, dog! How lucky you are
Dog: Lucky? Me? Why?
Donkey: You just rest and play the whole day and you are given good food and loved by the master.
Dog:  Rest? Play? Do you think I don't do any work?
Donkey: Of course, you don't! Look at me. I carry loads for miles daily.
Dog: I may not carry loads, but I guard the house. I see that no thieves enter the house.
Donkey: That's an easy job.
Dog: That's not all. I play with my master and see that he's happy, too.
Concept: Reading Skill (6th Standard)
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Balbharati English 6th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 3.5 The Donkey
Exercise | Q 9. (a) | Page 69
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