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Would You Agree with the Statement that Economic Marginalisation and Social Marginalisation Are Interlinked? Why? - Social Science

Short Note

Would you agree with the statement that economic marginalisation and social marginalisation are interlinked? Why?

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Yes, economic marginalization and social marginalization are inter-linked. Marginalisation implies having a low social status and a consequent lack of access to education and other resources. Social marginalization, as seen in the case of the Muslim community, is based on how their traditions, culture and dressing make us identify Muslims as different from us. This sometimes leads to unfair inequity on the basis of religious differences. As a result, minority groups may find it difficult to rent houses, procure jobs or even send their children to schools. This is economic marginalization. Thus, the two are inter-connected.

Concept: Muslims and Marginalisation
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NCERT Class 8 Social Science - Social and Political Life 3
Chapter 7 Understanding Marginalisation
Exercise | Q 8 | Page 92
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