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Work with a Partner to Write the Report Asked for in D.4. You Are the Director of Tourism for Palwal Pradesh. Make Sure that …… - English Core

Answer in Brief

Work with a partner to write the report asked for in D.4. You are the Director of Tourism for Palwal Pradesh. Make sure that …… 

• you answer all the questions ra·ised by the Minister.
• you quote from the statistics in Q.4 to support the points you make.
• you follow the report format and style in Q.6 below.
• you use the language advice given in Q.7 below.
First study Q.6 and Q.7. Then (working in pairs) write your report.


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From : Shankar Murti, Director of Tourism, Palwal Pradesh
To : Minister of Tourism, Palwal Pradesh
Date : 3 March, 20 – –

A study of the present trends of tourism in Palwal Pradesh, their main features and projections for 10 years’ time


The following are our findings and suggestions

1. Current trends : The current trends show that the number of foreign tourists visiting Palwal Pradesh has  been constantly increasing It has increased from 40000 to 1,00,000 in the last five years. On the other hand the number of Indian tourists has been rising and falling. During that same five year's time. their number has
increased from 25000 to about 50000.

1.1. Origin of tourists : So the trend suggests that most of the tourists to Palwal Pradesh are of Foreign origin .

1.2. Accommodation : Currently, there seems to be just enough accommodation for both types of tourists. The preferred destination of the foreign tourist has mainly been 5 star and 4 star hotels. Of the 780 beds available in five star hotels. the occupancy rate has been 85% while of the 400 beds of 4 star hotels, it has been 92%. For the domestic tourist, the preferred accommodation has been youth hostels and 1 star hotels.

This is hardly surprising because domestic tourists cannot afford luxury accommodation. They prefer to spend less on accommodation.

2. Predictions for 10 years in the Future :

2.1. Origin of Tourists : The indications are that the number of foreign tourists may go up to 6 lac by the end of the next ten years If the present trend continues, the number of domestic tourists may rise to one lac.

2.2. Accommodation : Palwal Pradesh has to increase the accommodation. The biggest increase is needed in the number of 4 star hotels. Their number must increase from the present no. 5 to 30-35 in ten years. The  number of 5 star hotels should increase from 3 to 18-20. 1, 2 and 3 star hotels are being taken by both groups of tourists. So their number should increase in the same proportion ie, about 6 times each. The same thing is true of guest houses. However, the greatest need is to increase the number of youth hostels which should be increased from 13 to 32.

3. Recommendations : There has been a steady rise in the number of foreign tourist So special attention should be given to create facilities for them. 

To attract the domestic tourists, more youth hostels and single star accommodation be created. 

I am confident of a good tourism future of Palwal Pradesh.

(Shankar Murti)
Director of Tourism
Palwal Pradesh


go in textbook and cheak Questions and information and come back here cheak the answers .

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