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With the Use of Archimedes' Principle, State How You Will Find Relative Density of a Solid Denser than Water and Insoluble in It. How Will You Modify Your Experiments If the Solid is S - Physics

Answer in Brief

With the use of Archimedes' principle, state how you will find relative density of a solid denser than water and insoluble in it. How will you modify your experiments if the solid is soluble in water? 

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(i) With the help of a physical balance, find the weight, W1 of the given solid.

(ii) Immerse the solid completely in a beaker filled with water such that it does not touch the walls and bottom of beaker, and find the weight W2 of solid in water.


Loss in weight of solid when immersed in water = (W1 - W2) gf

R.D. = Weight of solid in air/Loss of weight of solid in water

R.D. = W1/(W1 - W2).

If the solid is soluble in water, then instead of water, take a liquid in which the solid is insoluble and it sinks in the liquid.

Then, R.D. = (Weight of solid in air/Loss of weight of solid in liquid) x R.D. of the liquid

Concept: Archimedes' Principle
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Selina Concise Physics Class 9 ICSE
Chapter 5 Upthrust in Fluids, Archimedes’ Principle and Floatation
Exercise 5 (B) | Q 12 | Page 116
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