With the Help of a Simple Diagram How Would You Show that – Solids Expand on Heating - Chemistry

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Answer in Brief

With the help of a simple diagram how would you show that – solids expand on heating

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Solids expand on heating can be shown by two different experiments. The experiments are:

Experiment A: An iron bar is taken and its length measured accurately. The iron bar is then slowly heated for a certain period of time & measured accurately [with a vernier caliper or otherwise]

Observation: It is observed that the iron bar has increased in length on heating.

Experiment B: A simple ball & ring apparatus is taken, which consists of a metal ball which can just pass through the circular metal ring. The metal ball is then heated for a certain period of time.

Observation: After heating, the metal ball does not pass through the ring, since on heating it has expanded in size and hence cannot pass through the ring.

Conclusion: All solids expand on heating.

Concept: Change of State of Matter
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Chapter 3: Matter - Exercise


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Chapter 3 Matter
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