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With Reference to What You Have Read in this Chapter, Discuss the Influence of China on Vietnam’S Culture and Life. - Social Science

Answer in Brief

With reference to what you have read in this chapter, discuss the influence of China on Vietnam’s culture and life.

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The influence of China on Vietnam’s culture and life was multifarious before the French colonised Vietnam. Even when the latter gained independence in 1945, the rulers maintained the use of Chinese governance systems and culture. The elites were vastly influenced by Chinese culture and life, as has been elucidated in Phan Boi Chau’s book “The History of the Loss of Vietnam”. Chinese language and Confucianism were followed by the upper classes in Vietnam. In 1911, when the Chinese Republic was set up, Vietnamese students followed suit in organising the Association for the Restoration of Vietnam. Vietnamese men also kept their hair long—a Chinese tradition.

Concept: Nationalist Movement in Indo- China - America and the Vietnam War
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