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With Reference to the United Nations and Its Related Agencies, Answer the Following Questions: Explain Any Three Functions of the Who. - History and Civics

With reference to the United Nations and its related agencies, answer the following questions:

Explain any three functions of the WHO.

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Three functions of WHO:

  • The WHO assists countries in improving their health system by building up infrastructure, especially manpower, institutions and services for the individual and the community.
  • The WHO provides important drugs required for proper medical care. It has a programme intended to immunise children against six major diseases—measles, diphtheria, tetanus, tuberculosis, polio and whooping cough.
  • It promotes research aimed at discovering the cure and prevention of diseases. For example, it arranged for the investigation of cancer and heart diseases in laboratories in many countries to identify disease-causing organisms, to improve vaccines and to train research workers.
Concept: Major Agencies of the United Nations- UNICEF, WHO and UNESCO
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