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With Reference to the Transfer of Power to India, Answer the Following: Why Did the Congress Accept the Mountbatten Plan? - History and Civics

With reference to the transfer of power to India, answer the following:

Why did the Congress accept the Mountbatten Plan?

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Congress accepted the Mountbatten Plan due to the following reasons:
i. The gruesome communal violence which had engulfed the country at that point of time had convinced the Congress political leadership that partition was inevitable. Not accepting it would amount to even more hatred and sectarian violence. 

ii. The Muslim League had joined the Interim government to obstruct and not to cooperate. Experience of working with the League had convinced the Congress that it could not run a joint administration with the League.

iii. The only alternative to partition was a Federation with a weak centre. A smaller India with a strong central authority was considered to be better than a bigger State with a weak centre.

iv. The Congress leaders felt that causing further delay in the transfer of power would result in the beginning of a civil war in India.

Concept: Mountbatten Plan (Clauses and Its Acceptance)
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