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With Reference to the Transfer of Power to India, Answer the Following: Explain the Cabinet Mission’S Proposals Regarding the Setting up - History and Civics

With reference to the transfer of power to India, answer the following:

Explain the Cabinet Mission’s proposals regarding the setting up of a Constitution making body

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The Cabinet Mission proposed many plans for setting up of a Constitution making body. It proposed that a Constituent Assembly would be set up to frame a new Constitution of the country. It would consist of 389 members out of which 296 members would be elected from the British Provinces and 93 members would be appointed from the Princely States. Further, the Cabinet Mission proposed that the members of the Constituent Assembly would be elected by the Provincial Legislative Assemblies. In order to avoid any delay in making the Constitution, the principle of adult suffrage was not granted.

Concept: Clauses of Cabinet Mission Plan
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