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With Reference to the Formation of Compounds from Atoms by Electron Transfer – Electron Valency, State the Basic Steps in the Conversion of Sodium and Chlorine Atoms to Sodium and Chloride - Chemistry


With reference to the formation of compounds from atoms by electron transfer – electron valency, state the basic steps in the conversion of sodium and chlorine atoms to sodium and chloride ions leading to the formation of the compound – sodium chloride.
[electronic configuration of: Na = 2, 8, 1 & Cl = 2, 8, 7]

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Electronic configuration

        Na                        Cl
11 = 2, 8, 1           17 = 2, 8, 7

\[\ce{Na+ + Cl-}\]
⇒ NaCl compound

Concept: The Combining Capacity of Elements
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Viraf J. Dalal Class 8 New Simplified Middle School Chemistry
Chapter 4 Atomic Structure
Exercise | Q 14
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