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With Reference to the Summer Season in India, Answer the Following Question : What is the Atmospheric Pressure Condition During Summer Season Over the Central Part of India? - Geography

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With reference to the summer season in India, answer the following question : 

What is the atmospheric pressure condition during summer season over the central part of  India? 

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Summer season: By the end of February the temperature starts rising and there is a hot weather season in India from March to May. During these months the central part of peninsular India expiries extreme hot weather and an elongated low pressure belt which is called monsoonal trough created, which extends from Jaisalmer in western Rajasthan to Jharkhand and parts of Odisha to the East. However, over Indian Ocean south of the equator high pressure belt begins to develop in this season. In North-West India, afternoon dust storms common. During summer, very hot and dry winds blow over North Indian plains. They are locally called ‘Loo’. 

Concept: Seasons –March to May – Summer
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