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With Reference to the Powers and Functions of the High Court, Explain Briefly the Meaning and Scope of the Following: Judicial Review - History and Civics

With reference to the powers and functions of the High Court, explain briefly the meaning and scope of the following:

Judicial Review

What is meant by the term “Judicial Review” of the High Court?

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Solution 1

High Courts like the Supreme Court have the power of judicial review. Any law passed by the State Legislature violates any term of the Constitution or take away the fundamental right of a person, the High Court can declare the law as null and void.

Solution 2

Judicial Review of a High Court means that it can declare any law passed by the state legislatures as null and void if it violates the fundamental rights or any other provision of the Constitution. The High Court also enjoys the power of considering the constitutional validity of any state law or executive order.

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