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With Reference to the Non-aligned Movement, Explain the Following: Two Factors Responsible for Its Formation. - History and Civics

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With reference to the Non-Aligned Movement, explain the following:

Two factors responsible for its formation.

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The following are two important factors responsible for the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement:
i. Most of the newly independent colonies of Asia and Africa felt that the division of the world into two hostile military blocs was detrimental to their interests. For economic development and political consolidation, they needed world peace which was likely to be endangered unless they distanced themselves from both the power blocs.
ii. The newly independent nations of Asia and Africa also felt that by being non-aligned, they would retain their freedom to make independent political decisions without outside interference. This was a practical as well as an emotional requirement for these long-suppressed societies

Concept: Meaning and Objectives - Non Aligned Movement;
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