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With Reference to the Non-aligned Movement, Explain the Following: 'Non-alignment'. - History and Civics

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With reference to the Non-Aligned Movement, explain the following:


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Non Alignment is the international policy of a sovereign state according to which it does not align itself with any of the power blocs and at the same time actively participates in international affairs to promote international peace, harmony and cooperation. The main features of the policy of non-alignment are as follows:
i. A non aligned country does not align itself with any power bloc.
ii. It does not join military alliances like NATO, Warsaw Pact, etc.
iii. It protects its sovereignty completely and takes its foreign policy decisions independent of outside influence.
iv. Non alignment is not passive and hence the states involved actively participate in world affairs and international politics.
v. It explicitly upholds the rights of all people to freedom and justice without any discrimination.

Concept: Meaning and Objectives - Non Aligned Movement;
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