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With the Help of Necessary Circuit Diagram, Describe Briefly How N-p-n Transistor in Ce Configuration Amplifies a Small Sinusoidal Input Voltage. Write the Expression for the Ac Current Gain - Physics

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With the help of necessary circuit diagram, describe briefly how n-p-n transistor in CE configuration amplifies a small sinusoidal input voltage. Write the expression for the ac current gain

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n-p-n Transistor as an amplifier:

The operating point is fixed in the middle of its active region.

An ac i/p signal vi is superimposed on bias VBB (dc). The o/p is taken between the collector and the ground.

Applying Kirchhoff’s law to the output loop:

VCC = VCE + ICRC    

‚ÄčIf Vc is the collector voltage then,

Vc = VCE  ICRC    ...(A)

When the input signal voltage is fed to the emitter base circuit, it will change the emitter voltage and hence to the emitter current, which in turn will change the collector current. Due to this the collector voltage VC will vary in accordance with relation (A). This variation in collector voltage appears as amplified output. 


vi ≠ O

Then, VBB + vi = VBE + IBRB + ΔIB (RB + ri)





Concept: Junction Transistor - Transistor as an Amplifier (Ce-configuration)
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