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With the Help of a Neat, Labelled Diagram of Human Male Reproductive System. - Biology

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With the help of a neat, labelled diagram describe the human male reproductive system.

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Human male reproductive system:-

The human male reproductive system comprises of the following.

  1. testes
  2. epididymis
  3. vas deferens
  4. Seminal vesicles
  5. prostate gland
  6. Cowper's glands
  7. penis

1. Testes

Testes produce male gametes and sperm.

To maintain the temperature 2-3°C lower than the body temperature, the scrotum is located outside the body cavity.

2. epididymis

The epididymis stores sperms temporarily.

3. vas deferens

Each epididymis continues further as a sperm duct or vas deferens.

4. Seminal vesicles

The seminal vesicles produce a secretion which is responsible for the transport of sperm.

5. Prostate gland

It is a bilobed structure which surrounds the urethra.

It pours an alkaline secretion into the semen.

6. Cowper’s glands

These are two small ovoid glands.

They open into the urethra.

Its secretion serves as a lubricant.

7. Penis

The urethra passes through the penis.

It carries either urine or semen at a given time.

Concept: Human Reproductive System - The Male Reproductive System
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NCERT Class 12 Biology
Chapter 3 Human Reproduction
Exercises | Q 2 | Page 55

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