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With the Help of a Labelled Diagram Explain How a Convex Lens Converges a Beam of Parallel Light Rays. Mark the Principal Axis, Optical Centre, Principal Focus and Focal Length of the Convex Lens on the Diagram. - Science

With the help of a labelled diagram explain how a convex lens converges a beam of parallel light rays. Mark the principal axis, optical centre, principal focus and focal length of the convex lens on the diagram. 

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 Suppose that a parallel beam of light rays falls on a convex lens as shown in the figure. These light rays are parallel to one another and also to the axis of the lens. The incident rays pass through the convex lens and get refracted according to the laws of refraction. All the rays, after passing through the convex lens, converge at the same point F, on the other side of the lens. The point F is called the principal focus of the convex lens. Thus, the point of convergence of the parallel beam of light rays to a single point is called the focus of the lens. 



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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Physics (Science)
Chapter 5 Refraction of Light
Q 29.1 | Page 240
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