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With the Help of a Flow-chart Exhibit the Events of Eutrophication. - Biology

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With the help of a flow-chart exhibit the events of eutrophication.

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The events in eutrophication are as follows:

The excessive use of fertilizers (nutrients) are washed out with rainwater.
They flow from the fields into the nearby water bodies.

The profuse growth of algae leads to algal bloom.

Algae consume an excessive quantity of oxygen.
This causes depletion of oxygen in water for other organisms.

Algae often release toxins.
These inhibit the growth of other algae and aquatic animals (fishes).

This leads to nutrient enrichment of water and loss of species diversity

Such a condition is called eutrophication.

Concept: Introduction of Water Pollution and Its Control
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NCERT Class 12 Biology
Chapter 16 Environmental Issues
Q 5.2 | Page 286

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