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With the Help of an Example, Explain the Process of Hydrogenation. Mention the Essential Conditions for the Reaction and State the Change in Physical Property with the Formation of the Product. - Science

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With the help of an example, explain the process of hydrogenation. Mention the essential conditions for the reaction and state the change in physical property with the formation of the product.

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The process of adding hydrogen to an unsaturated compound is called hydrogenation. For example, the hydrogenation of ethene leads to the formation of ethane.

Conditions for Hydrogenation

(i) Presence of an unsaturated compound (i.e. an unsaturated hydrocarbon)

(ii) Presence of a catalyst such as finely divided palladium or nickel

In case of the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, liquid unsaturated fatty acids are converted into solid saturated fatty acids.

Concept: Chemical Properties of Carbon Compound
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