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With the Help of Any Four Points, Explain the Crucial Role that Organising Plays in an Enterprise. - Business Studies

With the help of any four points, explain the crucial role that organising plays in an enterprise.

With the help of any four points, explain the crucial role of 'Organising' function in an enterprise.

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Organising refers to the procedure wherein various activities in an organisation are aligned in order. This function brings together human efforts and resources in the organisation. The primary focus of this function is to bring order in the working such that people work together towards the attainment of common goals and objectives of the organisation

1) Benefits of Specialisation: Systematic allocation of jobs among the workforce. Specialisation automatically comes when an individual performs one job repeatedly.

2) Clarity in Working Relationships: Managers clearly define jobs on a written document called job description, i.e. clearly spells out what exactly to perform in every job. Each manager knows very clearly to whom he can give orders and from whom he has to receive orders.

3) Effective Administration: Similar and related jobs are grouped under one department which leads to the unification of efforts and harmony in work.

4) Expansion and Growth: Optimum utilisation of resources, proper division of work and departmentalisation enable companies to meet challenges and expand their activities.

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