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Will Michael and Sebastian Shultz Meet in Real Life? Will They Be Friends? Will They Try to Re-enter the Virtual World Together? You May Use the Following Hints: - English Core

Answer in Brief

Continue the story.

Will Michael and Sebastian Shultz meet in real life? Will they be friends? Will they try to re-enter the virtual world together? You may use the following hints:

• How the accident occurred
• Transfer of memory
• Meeting with Michael
• Appeals for help
• Rescue and recovery

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Sebastian Shultz was injured in a motorway accident. His head had banged against the laptop on which he was playing a game when the accident occurred. His memory got transferred to the computer. At the time of the accident, Sebastian was playing the same Psycho Drive game that Michael had. The computer had saved Sebastian memory in its own. Michael wondered how Sebastians memory could come on his computer. He remembered Mr. Shultz had said to one of the reporters that they were off to pile up some games. It was while they were in the hospital, that someone stole the lot. He didn’t know what happened to them. Michael said that the games ended . up at the computer fair and they bought them. Michael received a message from Sebastian that he was not sure how it all happened. He thanked Michael for saving his life and wanted to meet him. Sebastian after a long coma recovered, everything that had been described was virtually true. Michael and Sebastian would surely meet in real life as friends and would try to re-enter the virtual world together.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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