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Will the Impact of Removing All the Organisms in a Trophic Level Be Different for Different Trophic Levels? Can the Organisms of Any Trophic Level Be Removed Without Causing Any Damage to the Ecosystem? - Science

 Will the impact of removing all the organisms in a trophic level be different for different trophic levels? Can the organisms of any trophic level be removed without causing any damage to the ecosystem?

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Impact of removing all organisms of a trophic level is different for different trophic levels.
For example, if we remove producers from a food chain, no organism will get food, if we remove herbivores from a food chain then carnivores will die and producers will also die due to competition for space and nutrients. No, we can’t remove any trophic level without causing damage to the ecosystem as one is dependent on other for their survival. If we remove any one this will create imbalnce in the ecosystem.

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NCERT Class 10 Science Textbook
Chapter 15 Our Environment
Q 5 | Page 265
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