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Why is Water Essential for Life? - Science

Why is water essential for life?

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Solution 1

Water is essential for life because of the following reasons:-

(i) Most biological reactions occur when substances are dissolved in water. Thus, all cellular processes need water as a medium to take place.

(ii) Transportation of biological substances needs water as a medium.

Solution 2

Water is considered essential for life because of the following reasons :-

(i) All cellular processes take place in water medium.

(ii) All the reactions that take place within our body and within the cells occur between substances that are dissolved in water.

(iii) Substances are also transported from one part of the body to the other in a dissolved form.

(iv) Water makes up about 70% of body weight of all living organisms.

(v) It helps in the digestion of food and absorption Of nutrients in the blood. Hence, organisms need to maintain the level of water within their bodies in order to stay alive.

(vi) It helps in maintaining body temperature.

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NCERT Class 9 Science Textbook
Chapter 14 Natural Resources
Q 2 | Page 201
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