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Why Was the End of the Second World War Considered to Be the Beginning of Cold War? Explain. - Political Science

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Why was the end of the Second World War considered to be the beginning of Cold War? Explain.

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Because of the following reasons, the end of the Second World War was considered the beginning of the Cold War:-

  1. The Second World War came to an end in 1945 when the US dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, forcing Japan to surrender.
  2. However, the dropping of the two atom bombs on the Japanese cities became a controversial topic. The US supporters believed that it was necessary to do so to stop the war quickly, while the critics believed that the US did it on purpose to show Moscow their superiority.
  3. The end of the Second World War changed the arenas of conflicts. The fire of the Second World War extinguished but left some cinders.
  4. Now, the defeat of Germany and Japan paved way for the United States and the Soviet Union to become the greatest powers in the world.
  5. These two superpowers were rivals. Both sides had the capacity to start or retaliate against an attack and cause lots of destruction, but both could not afford to begin war. This was known as ‘logic of deterrence’.
  6. Thus, the rivalry between the two superpowers remained 'cold'. Both sides followed the logic of deterrence and began to make military blocs. Smaller states were forced to link to one superpower.
Concept: Emergence of Two Power Blocs After the Second World War
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