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Social Science: Minerals and Energy Resources - Distribution of Minerals and Energy Resources

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Why is there a pressing need for using renewable energy sources in India? Explain any five reasons.

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Following are the five important reasons why there is a pressing need to use renewable energy sources in India:
i) The mind blowing rate at which the consumption of energy is increasing has compelled India to be dependent on fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil which are finite. Hence the use of sustainable energy resources like solar, wind, water needs to be enhanced.
ii) The phenomenal rise in oil and gas prices and their imminent shortages have put a question mark on future energy security. This in turn leads to uncertainty regarding the future of the national economy.
iii) Use of fossil fuels also leads to environmental pollution and degradation of soil, water and air.
iv) Renewable energy sources, on the other hand, are pollution free and eco friendly.
v) Renewable energy sources are infinitely cheaper than the conventional ones and tend to be available in the nature in abundance.

Concept: Distribution of Minerals and Energy Resources
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