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Why is Sulphuric Acid Not Used for the Preparation of Carbon Dioxide in the Laboratory ? - Chemistry

Short Note

Why is sulphuric acid not used for the preparation of carbon dioxide in the laboratory 

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Dilute sulphuric acid reacts with calcium carbonate. But it is not used because the calcium sulphate which is formed during the reaction is insoluble in water. It covers the marble chips and stops the reaction.

\[\ce{\underset{\text{(calcium carbonate)}}{CaCO3}+\underset{\text{(sulphuric acid)}}{H2SO4(dil.)}→\underset{\text{(calcium sulphate)}}{CaSO4}+\underset{\text{(water)}}{H2O}+ \underset{\text{(carbon dioxide)}}{CO2}}\]

Concept: Laboratory Preparation, Properties and Uses of Carbon Dioxide
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Selina Concise Chemistry Class 8 ICSE
Chapter 9 Carbon and Its Compounds
Exercise III | Q 1.5 | Page 148
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