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Why is Not Any One Parameter Good Enough to Demonstrate Growth Throughout the Life of a Flowering Plant - Biology

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Why is not any one parameter good enough to demonstrate growth throughout the life of a flowering plant?

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A flowering plant consists of a number of organs viz., roots, stem, leaves, flowers, fruits etc. growing differently under different stages of life cycle. These plant organs require different parameters to demonstrate their growth. In plant organs like fruits, bulbs, corms etc. fresh weight is used for measuring their growth. In case of fruits, increase in volume, diameter etc., are also used as other parameters for the measurement of their growth. For flat organs like leaves, increase in surface area is used as the parameter. Stem and roots primarily grow in length and then in girth, thus increase in length and diameter are used for measuring their growth. Consequently, the flowering plants exhibit several parameters to demonstrate growth.

Concept: Growth - Plant Growth Generally is Indeterminate
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NCERT Class 11 Biology
Chapter 15 Plant Growth and Development
Q 2 | Page 253

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