Why Management of Natural Resources Requires a Long Term Perspective? - Science

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Why management of natural resources requires a long term perspective?

 How would these advantages differ from the advantages of using a long-term perspective in managing our resources?


Solution 1

Management of natural resources requires a long-term perspective because natural resources are limited and with the increase in population, the demand for the natural resources is also increasing exponentially. Therefore, in order to meet the future needs and demands, the natural resources have to be used judiciously.

Solution 2

If resources are used in accordance with short term aims, present generation will be able to utilize the resources properly for growth and development.
But if we use resources with long term aims, future generation will also be able to utilize resources for fulfilling its needs.
Thus it would be better to use our natural resources with a long term perspective so that it could be used by the present generation as well as conserved for future use. But it will deprive future generation from the benefits of these resources as resources are exhaustible.

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