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Why is the Representative Fraction method called a Universal method? - Geography

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Answer in Brief

Why is the Representative Fraction method called a Universal method?

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Causes for the representative method being called universal:

  • It shows the relationship between the map distance and the corresponding ground distance in units of length.
  • The use of units to express the scale makes it the most versatile method.
  • R. F. is generally shown in fraction because it shows how much the real world is reduced to fit on the map.
  • For example, a fraction of 1 : 2,50,000 shows that one unit of length on the map represents 2,50,000 of the same units on the ground i.e. one mm, one cm or one inch on the map representing 2,50,000 mm, 2,50,000 cm and 2,50,000 inches, respectively of the ground.
  • While converting the fraction of units into Metric or English systems, units in centimetre or inch are normally used by convention. This quality of expressing scale in units in R. F. makes it a universally acceptable and usable method.
Concept: Methods of Scale
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NCERT Geography - Practical Work in Geography Class 11
Chapter 2 Map Scale
Exercise | Q 2. (iii) | Page 24
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