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Why Does the Poet Say I Gazed and Gazed but a Little Thought / What Wealth that Show to Me Had Brought? - English 2 (Literature in English)

Answer in Brief

Why does the poet say I gazed and gazed but a little thought / what wealth that show to me had brought?

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The poet was alone. He was moving about aimlessly over the high valleys and hills watching the beautiful scenes of nature. Suddenly he saw a great number of golden coloured flowers by the side of the lake under the trees moving their heads in joyful dance. The waves in the lake, by the side of the flowers, were also dancing but the daffodils had outdone the waves in their expression of joy. A poet felt happy in such a joyful company of the dancing flowers and the waves. In sheer delight and surprise he could not decide what joy this sight had brought for him. He could perhaps gaze at the pleasure of the present moment but he could not imagine how again and again in the future he would recall and re-live this experience and what ecstasy that memory would bring for him.

Concept: Writing
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