Social Science: Outcomes of Democracy - Democracy Be Judged and Outcomes


Why do we feel that democracy is a better form of government than any other form? Explain

"Democracy is a better form of government than any other form of government." Analyse the statement with arguments.


Solution 1

Democracy is a better form of government because of the following reasons.

(a) Freedom of expression granted in a democratic nation.

(b) The ruling authority would be the choice of the people.

(c) Useful method of representation for large masses.

(d) A tool to represent diverse interests.

(e) Lends stability to the political system.

(f) Develops a political culture which creates apt environment for political socialization.

Solution 2

Democracy is better than any other form of government because

i. It tends to promote equality among citizens.

ii. Democracy enhances the dignity of the individual. It supports the dignity of women and strengthens the claims of the disadvantaged sections of society.

iii. Democracy is supposed to be transparent in nature and thus improves the quality of the decision-making process in the country.

iv. It also provides various mechanisms to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

v. Democracy also allows individuals the chance to correct their mistakes.

Concept: Democracy Be Judged and Outcomes
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