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Why is dioxygen a gas but sulphur a solid? - Chemistry

Why is dioxygen a gas but sulphur a solid?

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Solution 1

Oxygen is smaller in size as compared to sulphur. Due to its smaller size, it can effectively form pπ−pπ bonds and form O2 (O==O) molecule. Also, the intermolecular forces in oxygen are weak van der Wall’s, which cause it to exist as gas. On the other hand, sulphur does not form M2 molecule but exists as a puckered structure held together by strong covalent bonds. Hence, it is a solid.

Solution 2

Due to the small size and high electronegativity, oxygen forms pπ- pπ multiple bonds. As a result, oxygen exists as diatomic (O2) molecules. These molecules are held together by weak van der Waal’s forces of attraction which can be overcome by collisions of the molecules at room temperature. Therefore, O2 is a gas at room temperature. Due to its bigger size and lower electronegativity, sulphur does not form pn-pn multiple bonds. It prefers to form S – S single bonds. S – S single bond is stronger then O-O single bond. Thus, sulphur has higher tendency for catenation than oxygen. Due to higher tendency for catenation and lower tendency for pπ – pπ multiple bonds sulphur exits as octa-atomic (Sg) molecule. Due to bigger size, the force of attraction holding the Sg molecules together are much stronger which cannot be overcome by collisions of molecules at room temperature. Therefore, sulphur is solid at room temperature.

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NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Textbook
Chapter 7 The p-block Elements
Q 18 | Page 207
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