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Why Did the Swallow Not Leave the Prince and Go to Egypt? - English - Language and Literature

Why did the swallow not leave the prince and go to Egypt?

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When the Happy Prince had given both his sapphire eyes to the needy, the swallow decided to stay with him as he was blind. It did not leave for Egypt even though the Prince urged him to. When the snow came, followed by frost, the little swallow grew colder and colder. However, it did not leave the Prince as it loved him very much. It fed itself on the crumbs outside the bakery and kept itself warm by flapping its wings. However, at last, it knew it was going to die. It flew to the Prince, said goodbye, and asked if it could kiss his hand. It kissed the Prince’s lips and fell down dead at its feet.

Concept: Reading
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NCERT Moments Supplementary Reader in Class 9 English
Chapter 5 The Happy Prince
Q 5 | Page 36
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