Why Did the Superpowers Need Smaller States as Their Allies? Explain Any Four Reasons. - Political Science

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Why did the superpowers need smaller states as their allies? Explain any four reasons.

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The Cold War was a competition, tension and a series of confrontation between the US and USSR backed by their respective allies, without resorting to actual warfare. Superpowers needed allies:
i. For gaining access to their vital resources—oil and minerals
ii. For having a territory from where they could launch their weapons and troops
iii. For locations from where they could spy on each other
iv. For economic support where many allies together helped to pay military expenses
v. To spread their ideology and that liberal democracy and capitalism were better than socialism and communism or vice versa

Concept: Introduction of Democratic Politics and Capitalism in Post-communist Regimes
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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 1

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