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Why Did Malthus Believe that Catastrophic Events like Famines and Epidemics that Cause Mass Deaths Were Inevitable? - Sociology

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Short Note

Why did Malthus believe that catastrophic events like famines and epidemics that cause mass deaths were inevitable?

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English political economist Thomas Robert Malthus argued that human population tend to grow at a much faster rates than the rate which the means of human subsistence (land, agriculture) can grow.

He said population rises in geometric progression whereas agricultural production can only grow in Arithmetic progression.

Malthus believed that positive checks to population growth in the form of famines and diseases, was inevitable. These are nature’s way of dealing with the balance between food supply and increasing population.

According to him, these natural checks are extremely painful and difficult. lthough it helps to achieve a balance between population and subsistence by increasing the death rate.

Concept: Some Theories and Concepts in Demography
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NCERT Class 12 Sociology - Indian Society
Chapter 2 The Demographic Structure of the Indian Society
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 39
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