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Why did Mahatma Gandhi launch the 'Non-Cooperation Movement'? How did this movement unite the country? Explain.



Gandhiji launched the Non-cooperation movement of 1921 because  :

  • According to Gandhiji, the British rule was established in India with the cooperation of Indians and had survived only because of this cooperation. So the time has arrived o withdraw cooperation to the British.

  • First World War added to the misery of the Indian people. Heavy taxes, high prices, famines, and epidemics made people’s life miserable.

  • Rowlatt Act invited large scale protests throughout the country. 

  • Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and the injustice done to Punjab made Indians angry which need to be avenged.

  • To restore the status of the ruler of Turkey.

  • To bring Swaraj or Self Rule to India.

Mahatma Gandhi declared that the main objectives of the non-cooperation movement were :

  • To cripple the British administration and make them realize that they cannot function without the actual support of the Indians. 

  • To avenge the wrong done by the Government in Punjab (Jallianwala Bagh Massacre) in a non-violent way.

  • To bring about unity among the people. To inculcate a sense of nationalism. 

  • To promote khadi and to attain  Swaraj.

Concept: Concept of Popular Struggles and Movements
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