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Why Did Industrial Production in India Increase During the First World War? - Social Science

Answer in Brief

Why did industrial production in India increase during the First World War?

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Industrial production in India increased during the First World War because British mills became busy with tending to war needs. Manchester imports decreased, and Indian mills suddenly had a huge home market to supply. Later, they were also asked to supply war needs such as jute bags, cloth for army uniforms, tents, leather boots, saddles and other items. There was so much demand that new factories had to be set up even when old ones ran on multiple shifts. Industrial production boomed with the employment of new workers and longer working hours.

Concept: Age of Industrialization - Early Entrepreneurs and Workers
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NCERT Social Science - History India and the Contemporary World 2 Class 10 CBSE
Chapter 4 The Age of Industrialisation
Q 4 | Page 102
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