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Why Did Bholi at First Agree to an Unequal Match? Why Did She Later Reject the Marriage? What Does this Tell Us About Her? - English - Language and Literature

Why did Bholi at first agree to an unequal match? Why did she later reject the marriage? What does this tell us about her?

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At first, Bholi had agreed to marry an old man because of her father’s honour, thereby placing her family’s interest over her own. However, she later refused to marry him because she saw how mean, greedy and contemptible he was. By demanding a hefty dowry, he took advantage of her bad looks and the desperateness of her father to get her married. This is why she rejected the marriage and silenced everybody else who called her shameless. This tells us that Bholi had grown in confidence and could very well speak for herself.

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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