Why Are Some Substances Biodegradable and Some Non-biodegradable? - Science

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Why are some substances biodegradable and some non-biodegradable?

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Substances are classified as biodegradable and non-biodegradable because some substances can be decomposed by microorganisms and some cannot.
Substances that are broken down into simple soluble forms are called biodegradable substances

For example: Cotton, wood, paper, wool, etc.

the substances that are not decomposed by microorganisms into harmless substances are called non biodegradable substances.

For example: Plastic, polythene, DDT, etc.

Concept: Waste and Its Categories
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Chapter 15: Our Environment - Intext Questions [Page 262]


NCERT Class 10 Science
Chapter 15 Our Environment
Intext Questions | Q 1 | Page 262

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