Why Are Some Seeds Referred to as Apomictic Seeds? - Biology


Why are some seeds referred to as apomictic seeds?



The seeds produced without fertilisation are called apomictic seeds.

Concept: Polyembryony
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2014-2015 (March) All India Set 3

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State what is apomixis. Comment on its significance. How can it be commercially used?

Explain any three advantages that seeds offer to angiosperms.

Explain the different ways apomictic seeds can develop, Give an example of each.

Mention one advantage of apomictic seeds to farmers.

Answer the following question:

Define Apomixis.

Define the Polyembryony.

Answer the following question.
When a seed of orange is squeezed, many embryos, instead of one are observed. Explain how it is possible.

State what is apomixis. Write its significance. How can it be commercially used?

Short Answer Question:

How polyembryony can be commercially exploited?

Fill in the blank:

The _________ collect the pollen grains.

Fill in the blank:

The ________contains the egg or ovum.

Fill in the blank:

The ______ is the base of the flower to which other floral parts are attached.

Fill in the blank:

________is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther of the flower to the stigma of the same or a different flower

Fill in the blank:

Once the pollen reaches the stigma, the pollen tube traverses down the ________to the ovary where fertilization occurs.

Match the column.

Column - I
(Structure before seed formation)
Column - II
(Structure after seed formation)
A. Funiculus I. Hilum
B. Scar of ovule II. Tegmen
C. Zygote III. Testa
D. Inner integument IV. Stalk of seed
    V. Embryo

What is adventive polyembryony?

Give an account of polyembryony.

Which of the following is TRUE with respect to cleavage polyembryony?

Apomixis is a type of reproduction that results is the development of a/an ______.

The polyembryony commonly occurs in ______.

The occurrence of two or more embryos in one ovule is called ______

Adventive polyembryony in citrus is due to ______.

In case of polyembryony, if an embryo develops from the synergid and another from the nucellus which is haploid and which is diploid?

What is polyembryony and how can it be commercially exploited?

What is pollen grain?

The plant part which consists of two generations, one within the other-

  1. Pollen grains inside the anther.
  2. Germinated pollen grain with two male gametes.
  3. Seed inside the fruit.
  4. Embryo sac inside the ovule

Choose the correct option.


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