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Why are living organisms classified? - Biology

Why are living organisms classified?

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Solution 1

Living organisms are classified because of the following reasons:
(1) Easy identification.
(2)Study of organisms of other places.
(3)Study of fossils
(4)Grouping helps in study of all types of organisms while it is impossible to study individually all of them.
(5) Itbringsoutsimilaritiesanddissimilarities. They help in knowing relationships among different groups.
(6)Evolution of various taxa can be known.

Solution 2

A large variety of plants, animals, and microbes are found on earth. All these living organisms differ in size, shape, colour, habitat, and many other characteristics. As there are millions of living organisms on earth, studying each of them is impossible. Therefore, scientists have devised mechanisms to classify all living organisms. These methods of classification are based on rules and principles that allow identification, nomenclature, and finally classification of an organism.

For example, based on certain principles, once an organism is identified as an insect, it will be given a scientific name and then grouped with other similar organisms. Thus, various groups or taxon include organisms based on their similarity and differences.

Therefore, the biological classification helps in revealing the relationship between various organisms. It also helps in making study of organisms easy and organized.

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NCERT Class 11 Biology Textbook
Chapter 1 The Living World
Q 1 | Page 15
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