Social Science: Life Lines of National Economy - Importance of Means of Communication and Transportation


Why are efficient means of transport pre-requisites for the fast development of the country? Explain

"Efficient means of transport are pre-requisites for the fast development." Express  your views in favour of this statement.


Solution 1

The production of consumer goods in itself is not enough. These goods also have to be brought from the supply locales to the demand locales. This task is undertaken by elements known as the traders who facilitate the movement of consumer goods and industrial products. This transport of goods is absolutely essential for economic activity to take place within the national economy. Therefore, efficient means of transport are absolutely necessary and, in fact, are a pre-requisite for fast development of the national economy. This is exemplified best in the case of perishable consumer goods like vegetables, meats and dairy products.

Solution 2

"Efficient means of transport are pre-requisites for fast development". This statement can be justified with the help of following points.

1) Transportation system joins the various regions in the country- from developed to the underdeveloped, from rural to urban, thus linking the people of different regions closer to one another.

2) Transport provides an important link between the producers and the consumers of goods.

3) It helps in the development of various industries as it makes available the raw materials to them and also distributes the finished goods to the consumers

Concept: Importance of Means of Communication and Transportation
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