Who Were Dalit Panthers? Describe Their Main Activities. - Political Science

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Who were Dalit Panthers? Describe their main activities.

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Dalit Panthers was a militant organisation of the Dalit youth which was formed in Maharashtra in 1972. This organisation was formed after the first generation of Dalit graduates began to assert themselves from various platforms. They resorted to mass action for the assertion of Dalit rights. They took this step due to the following reasons:-

  1. The legal mechanism was inadequate in stopping the economic and social oppression of Dalits.
  2. The Republican Party of India supported by Dalits was not successful in electoral politics.
  3. The party faced a split as well. Therefore, the Dalit Panthers resorted to mass action and their activities were mostly centred around fighting the increasing atrocities on Dalits in various parts of the state.
  4. They published numerous autobiographies and other literary works mentioning the brutalities faced by their caste.
Concept: Congress Victory in 1971 Elections
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