Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary EducationSSLC (English Medium) Class 9th
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Who monitors the quantity and quality of ground water? - Social Science

Short Note

Who monitors the quantity and quality of ground water?

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The Union Ground Water Board is constantly monitoring the level and nature of ground water. This continuous monitoring has categorized the Panchayat Union (blocks) in terms of the amount of groundwater used. 139 blocks in Tamilnadu are identified as excessive users of groundwater and 100 blocks as nearing the stage of excessive usage of groundwater. 11 blocks have been identified with reduced water quality. Only 136 blocks have enough quantity and quality water for usage.

Concept: Water Resource for Agriculture
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Samacheer Kalvi Social Science Class 9th Tamil Nadu State Board
Chapter 4.04 Agriculture in Tamil Nadu
Exercise | Q IV. 3 | Page 312
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