Who is the First Woman Defence Minister of Independent India: - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Who is the first woman Defence Minister of Independent India:


  • Nirmala Sitharaman

  • Indira Gandhi

  • Sushma Swaraj

  • Sheela Dixit



Indira Gandhi

Concept: Polity Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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2017-2018 (May) Set 1


Justice P.C. Phukan Commission of Inquiry was constituted to enquire into which of the following incidents?

What is Psephology?

Choose the most appropriate option.
The first Commercial Court and Commercial Disputes Resolution Centre was inaugurated at

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which platform has been launched by the Union Government on the occasion of the 2018 International Women’s Day?

Mark the best option:
Who has been appointed as Member Secretary of Law Commission of India by the President Pranab Mukherjee?

What is the motto of the Supreme Court of India?

Qatar and this country established a joint commission to strengthen bilateral relations.

Choose the appropriate alternative.
Scientists from which of the following countries have developed the world's first artificial intelligence politician named SAM?

Right to education emanates from:

A money bill can be introduced in Parliament by:

Which article of our Constitution provides that the State shall make an effective position for securing the right to work?

The Fundamental Duties of the Indian Citizens:

The strength of the Council of Ministers:

There were ______ Article and______Schedules in the draft of the Constitution of India.

The first President of the Constituent Assembly of India  established in 1946 was

If the Anglo-Indian Community is not adequately  represented in the election, the President can nominate to Lok Sabha from that community

Whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not is certified by the____  and his decision is conclusive.

A seat of an MP can be declared vacant if he absents himself  from the House for a continuous period of

A political party is recognised by the Election Commission  only if

I. it has been engaged in political activity for a  continuous period of five years. 
II. has returned at least one member of the Lok Sabha for every 25 members of that House or any fraction of that number elected from that State. 
III. has polled not less than six percent of the total number of valid votes polled by all contesting candidates at the general elections. 
IV. has contested elections in four or more states in three consecutive general elections. 

The number of High Courts in India is:

The ______ states that no woman shall be arrested after sunset and before sunrise except under exceptional circumstances.

Which Article of the Constitution of India directs the State to secure a social order for the promotion of welfare of the people?

Who among the following is called the 'Father of Local Self Government' in India?

Who acts as the President of India when both, the President and the Vice-President are unavailable?

The Jam mu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill, 2019 was introduced in Rajya Sabha by the .Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Amit Shah. When did this act of Parliament receive the assent of the President?

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India was held on ______.

As per the Constitution of India, which of the following is NOT an eligibility criteria for the appointment of a State Governor?

Panchayati Raj comes under ______.

Which among the following former Soviet Union Republics is not a NATO member?

Swaraj Party was the outcome of which among the following incidents?


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