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Who is an Engineer?. - Logical Reasoning

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Read the information given below to answer the question.

(i) In a family of six person, there are people from three generations. Each person has separate profession and also each one likes different colours. There are two couples in the family.

(ii) Charan is a CA and his wife neither is a doctor nor likes green colour.

(iii) Engineer likes red colour and his wife is a teacher.

(iv) Vanita is mother-in-law of Namita and she likes orange colour.

(v) Mohan is grandfather of Raman and Raman, who is a principal likes black colour.

(vi) Sarita is granddaughter of Vanita and she likes blue colour. Sarita's mother likes white colour.

Who is an Engineer?


  • Sarita

  • Vanita

  • Namita

  • Mohan

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According to the given information, the arrangement  is as following:

Grandparents Parents Children
Mohan (Engg)
Charan (CA) Raman (Principal) (Black)
Vanita (Teacher)
Namita (white) Sarita (Blue)
Concept: Problem Solving Ability (Entrance Exam)
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