Who is a Singer? - Logical Reasoning

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Read the following information carefully and choose the appropriate option in the questions given below:

i. There is a group of five persons – A, B, C, D and E.

ii. One of them is a Singer, one is a Dancer, one is a Painter, one is a teacher and one is a Doctor.

iii. Three of them – A, C and Doctor prefer rice to chapatti and two of them – B and the Painter prefer chapatti to rice.

iv. The Teacher, D and A are friends to one another but two of these prefer chapatti to rice.

v. The Singer is C’s brother.

Who is a Singer?


  • B

  • C

  • A

  • D

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The arrangement of five persons is as following:

Person Profession Preference
A Singer Rice to Chapatti
B Teacher Chapatti to rice
C Dancer Rice ti Chapati
D Painter Chapatti to Rice
E Doctor Rice to Chapatti

A is a Singer.

Concept: Analytical and Logical Reseasoning
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