Who Has Prepared Global Risk Report 2019? - Current Affairs Including General Knowledge


Who has prepared Global Risk Report 2019?


  • United Nation

  • World Economic Forum

  • Greenpeace International

  • None of these



World Economic Forum.

Explanation:The Global Risks Report 2019 is published by World  Economic Forum against a backdrop of worrying geopolitical and geo-economic tensions. The report presents the results of our latest Global Risks  Perception Survey, in which nearly 1,000 decisionmakers from the public sector, private sector, academia, and civil society assess the risks facing the world.

Concept: Economic Current Affair (Entrance Exam)
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Choose the most appropriate option.
The World Bank had cut India’s GDP growth for 2016 – 2017 to:

Choose the most appropriate option:

In an attempt to curb black money, the Government has made PAN mandatory for all financial transactions exceeding Rupees:

Mark the best option:
Which Indian company has become the first-ever Indian quasi-sovereign to issue a Masala bond on London Stock Exchange(LSE)?

Mark the best option:
How much loan amount has been approved by Asian Development Bank (ADB) to build India’s first coastal industrial corridor?

Mark the best option:
The State Bank of India (SBI) board on 18 August 2016 approved merger of its five associate banks and Bharatiya Mahila Bank(BMB) which of following is NOT an associate banks that will be merged with the SBI are –

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which of the following countries runs bullet trains with the highest operational speed?

Who among the following considered as the 'father of artificial intelligence'?

An individual demand curve slopes downward to the right because of the:

Choose the appropriate alternative:
Which has been termed as the 'Green Gold' by the Finance Minister?

Capital account convertibility signifies

The person responsible for economic model for Indian Planning:

Affirmative action in Indian context signifies:

Plea bargaining is

What is the meaning of ‘Gilt Edged Market’?

The VDIS-Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme was the  brainchild of

What do you understand by Bear Raid? 

The main component of India' s import items from China is 

Which of the following is/are true about concept of Most  Favored Nation (MFN)?

I. It establishes the sovereign equality of states with  respect to trading policy. 
II. There are two forms of MFN treatment: conditional  and unconditional. 
III. Such treatment has always applied primarily to the  duties charged on imports. 
IV. Custom unions and free trade areas are exceptions to  MFN principle. 

In March 2019, RBI has allowed White Level ATM  Operators to buy wholesale cash, above a threshold of ___________pieces of any denomination. directly from the Reserve Bank and Currency Chests against full payment.

The index titled SENSEX of BSE (erstwhile Bombay Stock Exchange) is an index of trading of top ______ companies in terms of their volume of trade and their share prices.

ln which year was the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (NABARD) established?

Fiscal policy helps the government of a country to control the flow of ______.

In which of the following years was the Reserve Bank of India nationalised?

Which of the following bodies recommends nummum support price for crops?

When was Reserve Bank of India established?

In the First Five Year Plan ______, the Government of India sought to get the country's economy out of the cycle of poverty.

Which country is hosting the World Sustainable Development Summit 2022?

Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas has been named as the new Chief Economist of which international body?

The currency of which of this country is NOT Euro?


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